I'm the founder and lead chaperone of Denver Tour Club. That's me with two of my nieces - I found out I was going to be an uncle right after I decided to start Tour Club. 

In 2014 I was running a youth program that announced they were eliminating field trips; my favorite part! Soon after, the idea of a program for a kids camp that's entirely field trips came to me.

From 2015-2019 we visited 50+ destinations in and around Denver; pools, museums, arcades, behind the scenes tours and more. In 2020 we became an outdoor adventure camp!  

We have two rules on our trips; be nice and stay with the group. Kids love the excitement of being on the go and having a lot of freedom of choice. And parents, you'll love that you're kids are running around getting exercise outside all day. Most of you can count on picking up exhausted participants!

If your kids are between the ages of 6-12, please take a look at our exciting excursions and let us know if you have any questions. 

Thank you! 

Sam Blumenthal 



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Denver Tour Club is amazing camp that provides the kids with a couple of activities during the camp day. It’s perfect because it combines a structured activity with a fun activity. (i.e a craft and then they go swimming) DTC keeps the camp size pretty small and the kids get a lot of attention from the owner/counselor, Sam. One of the best benefits are that you can sign up for individual days instead of being forced to sign up for the whole week - so it’s convenient for parents to fit into their schedule. Sam is amazing and we think it’s the best camp in town.  


The Tour Guides are extremely professional! 


Denver Tour Club has allowed my kids to explore the city we just moved to. Gets them off screens and into fun, varied activities - mini golf, art and history museums, ghost tours, baseball games, and more!


Fun activities! Victoria always looks forward to spend her school breaks there.


My kids came home raving about the Union Station trip! I was very happy because they were both exhausted from a fun day of sightseeing, learning and lots of walking/playing outside! Thank you for a super flexible, super entertaining choice/alternative for summer camp!


What a great way for my kids to spend the day! They came home smiling and eager to tell me all about their hike in Boulder and the new friends they made. Thanks for giving them a fun day and for wearing them out!